CloudWatch Dashboard

The DashboardDecorator creates a CloudWatch Dashboard that produces a single CloudWatch Dashboard to summarize your stack’s behavior.

Sample usage:

func workflowHooks(connections *service.Connections,
  lambdaFunctions []*sparta.LambdaAWSInfo,
  websiteURL *gocf.StringExpr) *sparta.WorkflowHooks {
  // Setup the DashboardDecorator lambda hook
  workflowHooks := &sparta.WorkflowHooks{
    ServiceDecorators: []sparta.ServiceDecoratorHookHandler{
      spartaDecorators.DashboardDecorator(lambdaFunctions, 60),
      serviceResourceDecorator(connections, websiteURL),
  return workflowHooks

A sample dashboard for the SpartaGeekwire project is:


Related to this, see the recently announced AWS Lambda Application Dashboard.