The CodeCommit Lambda event source allows you to trigger lambda functions in response to CodeCommit repository events.


Lambda functions triggered in response to CodeCommit evetms use a combination of events and branches to manage which state changes trigger your lambda function.

To create an event subscriber use a constructor as in:

// CodeCommit reactor function
func reactorFunc(ctx context.Context, event awsLambdaEvents.CodeCommitEvent) (interface{}, error) {
  logger, _ := ctx.Value(sparta.ContextKeyRequestLogger).(*zerolog.Logger)
    Interface("Event", event).
    Msg("Event received")
  return &event, nil

func main() {
  // ...
  handler := spartaArchetype.NewCodeCommitReactor(reactorFunc)
  reactor, reactorErr := spartaArchetype.NewCodeCommitReactor(handler,
    nil, // Defaults to 'all' branches
    nil, // Defaults to 'all' events
    nil) // Additional IAM privileges