Documentation contributions are most appreciated. The documentation is built using:

All documentation is contained in the master branch of the Sparta repo.

$ mage -l | grep docs
  docsBuild                       builds the public documentation site in the /docs folder
  docsCommit                      commits the current documentation with an autogenerated comment
  docsEdit                        starts a Hugo server and hot reloads the documentation at http://localhost:1313
  docsInstallRequirements         installs the required Hugo version


  1. go get -u -v
  2. mage -v docsEdit

The last step will launch a hot reloading documentation server and open a browser viewing http://localhost:1313.

To make changes to the documentation:

  • Start the server: mage -v docsBuild
  • Edit the markdown in /docs_source/content
  • Check the changes in the browser (http://localhost:1313)
  • Commit your changes
  • Open a PR


The documentation site uses the Hugo Learn Theme. Please visit that site for additional documentation regarding shortcodes and included libraries.