As of December 2020, Lambda functions can also be packaged as OCI compatible container images. Your Sparta application can leverage this capability by providing a dockerFile argument to provision. The contents of your Dockerfile must produce a container with a reserved label so that Sparta can determine what ECR instance to push your container.

Sparta docker build arguments:

  • AWS_ACCOUNT_ID : The AWS account ID used to build or provision
  • AWS_REGION : The target deploy region
  • SPARTA_BINARY : The relative path to the Sparta binary
  • SPARTA_ECR_LABEL_NAME : The reserved label name that your build must use in order for Sparta to determine the ECR to push the image.
  • SPARTA_BUILD_ID : The current build ID

A simple HelloWorld Dockerfile is as follows:

FROM public.ecr.aws/lambda/go:1
COPY ${SPARTA_BINARY} /var/task/SpartaOCI
WORKDIR /var/task
CMD [ "SpartaOCI" ]

Providing the reserved LABEL value allows Sparta to locally tag, authenticate with the ECR, push the image, and finally use the uploaded CodeURI as a provisioning argument:

01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | Successfully built 95a7695342c5                  io=stdout
01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | Successfully tagged sparta/myocistack-123412341234:58e1819785b3a40e1642879c60b0716dad873021 io=stdout
01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | '123412341234.dkr.ecr.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/spartaoci:58e1819785b3a40e1642879c60b0716dad873021' io=stdout
01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | Provisioning service                             InPlaceUpdates=false NOOP=false Params={"ArtifactS3Bucket":"weagle"} Tags={"io:sparta:buildId":"58e1819785b3a40e1642879c60b0716dad873021"} Template=.sparta/MyOCIStack_123412341234-cftemplate.json
01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | Checking S3 region                               Bucket=weagle CredentialsRegion=us-west-2 Region=us-west-2
01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | Checking S3 versioning policy                    Bucket=weagle Region=us-west-2 VersioningEnabled=true
01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | Pushing local image to ECR                       Tag=123412341234.dkr.ecr.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/spartaoci:58e1819785b3a40e1642879c60b0716dad873021
01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | Uploading                                        Bucket=weagle Key=MyOCIStack-123412341234/MyOCIStack_123412341234-cftemplate.json Path=.sparta/MyOCIStack_123412341234-cftemplate.json Size="2.6 kB"
01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | The push refers to repository [123412341234.dkr.ecr.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/spartaoci] io=stdout
01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | 4a307d712ef3: Preparing                          io=stdout
01 Jan 21 20:27 PST |INFO | c9041e2fe22e: Preparing                          io=stdout


  • Providing both a dockerFile argument and an ArchiveHook WorkflowHook value will produce a runtime error.